Name: Saw Lecter
Age: N/A




Kitchen Assistant


Bentley Lecter (brother)

Wendy Lecter (sister)


Wrecked by and platonically enamored with Baby


Jake Gyllenhaal


The saw, prior to its humanization, was callous and manipulative, messing with everyone with whom it came into contact, with the exception of Hannibal Lecter. It had no problem with driving people insane, or even to commit the act of suicide, and only began displaying a budding of emotions just prior to its shift into its current human form.

With his new body, Saw had to become accustomed to new emotions and needs; used to others maintaining him, Saw's former cocky bravado soon gave way to feelings of overwhelming confusion as he tries to navigate the alien world of humanity.

Default BehaviorEdit

Saw is defined by his boundless curiosity, and is always seeking to learn new things. Having spent the better part of a decade in a pantry, he aspires to see and learn about everything he possibly can in the world. He's easily fascinated by regular household objects, and is of the opinion that humans take their innovations for granted, not appreciating their use, effort, and design as they should.

He has a preference of small, compact spaces, often evident in his body language and how he carries himself. Saw is typically reserved and polite around people he doesn't know, and doesn't like to give too much of himself away. He will, however, ask excited strings of questions to anyone who may say something that piques his curiosity.

Saw is a self described champion of the truth, and abhors the human proclivity to lie. For this reason, he is usually a decent mediator of arguments and a good source of unbiased opinion.


Despite Saw's relatively calm demeanor, he is prone to experiencing crippling anxiety at certain stimuli, frequently having panic attacks when provoked. He has a phobia of being touched, though he can tolerate touching other people himself. Since meeting his best friend and roommate, Baby Winchester, there have been occasions on which he would panic when separated from him.

Typically, Saw tends to be aloof and detached in most social situations, unless speaking with someone he knows well. He takes most things at face value, not having yet mastered slang or idioms, and will sometimes misunderstand a phrase or question. He has no problem with asking about statements he doesn't understand, nor does he feel the need to censor himself when the need for his opinion arises, sometimes inadvertently insulting others with blunt words.


Saw, originally an Omcan Model 220 band saw, was a kitchen appliance used in food preparation by Dr. Hannibal Lecter. He was shipped to the doctor's house from Italy in 2004 and became sentient roughly ten years later, before shifting into his current human form a few months after that.


In Saw's original form, he was often called upon to assist in both food preparation, interrogation, and the punishment of others. After the account became active, it was soon established that this saw was the one used in severing Miriam Lass' arm, though the storyline has never been RP'd.

On more than one occasion, Bentley Lecter has recruited the saw to discipline the rude, or people who have personally harmed, angered, or annoyed him; one notable example is when the saw severed the arm of a man who came on to Bentley when he spent some time as a female.

One of the bigger events the saw has been involved in was the attempted suicide of Dodger, one of Twittibal's many cars-turned-human. When the woman wandered into the Lecter kitchen one day, already half out of her mind, Saw cultured the mental illness until she decided to end it all, plunging the saw's blade deep into her own chest.


Saw was unceremoniously humanized overnight in what appeared to be a seemingly random occurrence at the time. It was later theorized that the humanization of objects and animals is contagious, and that the catalyst for Saw's shift in form was Bentley's action of licking its blade the day before. 

At the beginning of Saw's life, he was somewhat of a bitter hermit, staying holed up in his room only occasionally being coaxed out by his sister or her cooking. Though he lived with and admired his owner, Hannibal Lecter, he felt useless after his humanization and avoided him at all costs.

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