Name: Sir Windsor Paisley Lecter III
Age: 90 in tie years






In an exclusive relationship with Jame Gumb (@GoodbyeHorsies)




Does not currently possess a face

Early lifeEdit

Windsor was born to Mr. and Mrs. Lecter in Lithuania along with its twin, Hannibal Lecter. There it lived a comfortable, if somewhat redundant because Hannibal did not yet wear ties, existance with its parents and sister until the Nazis (I think it was the Nazis) (it's usually the Nazis) came and ruined everyone's lives and sent wee Hannibal off the deep end.

Hannibal and Windsor had a fallout when they were twelve years old and didn't speak to each other for eight years. During this time, Windsor lived a fast and hard life in France, gaining international fame for various things including, but not limited to, fencing, acting, kickboxing, screenplaywriting, and shotgunning seven gallons of fabric softener one crazy night in a Parisian laundromat. The two siblings soon reunited when Hannibal found himself in need of formal dress for his medical school classes, and they've been inseparable ever since.

Twitter HistoryEdit

Windsor arrived on the Twittibal scene in late spring of 2013, making it one of the founding members of the main Hannibal Twitter group. It remained unaffiliated for a month or two, tweeting mostly puretweets and not interacting very much with anyone. Soon, however, it met meat-packing mogul Mason Verger and was quickly introduced to the rest of the Twittibal cast that existed at that time.

It has steadily been gaining followers since the opening of its account, and has recently surpassed the coveted 1,000 mark, for which it may or may not have shed a couple of tears. 

Infatuation with Bryan FullerEdit

While in a committed relationship with Jame Gumb, Windsor does possess a massive heart-boner for Hannibal creator Bryan Fuller, despite the fact that it does not literally have a heart. The two have interacted on many occasions and Windsor has cried at every one of them. One of Mr. Fuller's tweets to the tie is framed and kept in its drawer.

Mr. Fuller follows Windsor on another one of its accounts, and it is not sure whether to feel flattered or offended.

Personal LifeEdit

Windsor is currently in a long-term relationship with Jame Gumb (@Goodbye_Horsies). They do not express any plans to take part in holy matrimony, because like twelve billion people are married and it just seems a little silly now. Also, tie/human marriage is not legal in Maryland.

Windsor was knighted by Bryan Fuller on 9/6/13. Its official title is Sir Windsor, Lord of Puns. Twitter user @DeLaurentiisCo is currently its righthand Earl of Puns.