Name: Jacob Knoll
Age: 17






Adoptive fathers: Hannibal Lecter and Will Graham

Adopted Siblings: Nathan Sherman, Abigail Hobbs, James Beauregard, and Cameron Adamski.


Dating James Beauregard


Nehksi (Nexi) Kind

Jacob Knoll is an original character not found in any canon Hannibal realm.


When Jacob first came to Hannibal Lecter, he'd suffered the tragic loss of his family. Withdrawn and afraid of his own shadow, it took months of gentle care and the eventual adopting of Jacob to bring the boy out of his shell. Now he's a strong, functioning part of the Lecter household, though he tends not to associate much with the other children. He was an only child growing up, and has gravitated toward relationships with older people, especially Hannibal, Mischa, Abigail and Mason Verger.

While seeming to be a gentle soul, there is some confusion with what actually happened to Jacob's real family. His story to Hannibal has changed over time, and Hannibal now suspects Jacob may have actually been responsible. More story is to come.


Jacob came to Hannibal in the summer of 2013. He'd been been referred to Dr. Lecter as a patient after the murder of his mother and father left him mentally damaged.

The Murder of the Knoll FamilyEdit

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