Name: Felix "Falcon" Silva
Age: 23




Stripper at Oasis


Aunt Rita, Cousin Gabe, both estranged




Alexandre Cunha


Of the NameEdit

Traditionally speaking, the boys who recieve the name Falcon are drug-users. The name is both a reference to the fact that they're often "flying high" (it is one of the few bird names ever given) and that Charlie said "bye bye, birdie" when the first began to suffer. Falcons are skinny, often brunette, though neither of these are specifically related to the title. There have been more Falcons than any other name at Oasis. The Falcon during the time Mason Verger joined Oasis in the 90s was Thomas Tucker.


Currently, Felix has been employed at Oasis for eight months, only slightly longer than Charlie has been missing. He is a meth addict and a dealer, living with his boyfriend Daniel, a manipulative journalist who will stoop to anything, including selling drugs to children and pretending to be gay, to get what he wants.

Felix has been in love with Daniel since they were teenagers, and is unable to remove the man from his life, despite being well aware that he's being used.

When he was thirteen, Felix went to go live with his aunt. She raised him even when her new husband protested that they should start their life without him in the house. During his first year of college, after Daniel returned to his life and sold him meth, he hallucinated and injured his year-old cousin Gabriel. He ran away to the city shortly after and fell in with the wrong crowd.

Despite prefering to almost exclusivly top, Felix has taken work at Oasis and makes most of his money in the VIP rooms. Mark and Mason have wanted to fire him for a long time, but Rabbit hasn't gotten around to it.


Felix is an extreme contradiction: a weak top. Despite certain physical traits, his personality is one that craves direction and a strong influence. This makes him especially susceptible to Daniel and meth's influence. Because of this, he often finds himself bottoming in relationships, or has been unsatisfied with anyone younger that he's dated. 

He is naturally sweet and very attatched to those close to him, including the aunt and cousin he ran away from. Felix has an irrational loyalty to Daniel and his friends.



Despite sharing an appartment, a bed, and sometimes their bodies, Daniel does not function as a partner to Felix. He is clearly a boss ordering around his lesser, manipulating with underhanded techniques when necessary. He sleeps with women openly and shows no sexual interest in Felix unless the issue is pressed. It was his choice to enter a relationship, appearing after a long stretch of not seeing Felix, needing a place to stay.


One very cold night, after a fight with Daniel, Felix accepted Rabbit's offer of a warm place to sleep. Upon discovering the trials Rabbit had recently been through, the experience became more mutually beneficial, a time of comfort, which escalated into an affair. 

Ongoing StorylineEdit

When Daniel left in an angry huff, Rabbit took pity on Felix and invited him to come home to his place. While this could turn his life for the better, James Beauregard is plotting his murder for selling drugs to Jacob Knoll, James' lover...