Ethan Davenport is an original character not found in any canon Hannibal realm.
Name: Ethan Davenport
Age: 27






Giles Davenport(father), Mark Davenport (brother)


Secretly dating Richard McGee


William Beckett



Ethan Davenport was born when his brother Mark was twelve years old, to Giles and Emma Davenport. Emma, who suffered from numerous unmonitered mental disorders, showed no interest in her youngest child. She even refused to bottle feed him, leaving that duty to Mark. One night, when he was six months old, his mother tried to smother him with a pillow, the incident that resulted in her hospitalization and later commitment to a mental facility.

When rescued by Mark, Ethan was blue in the face. He didn't cry for a long time after that, and his brother feared that he had brain damage. That proved to be false, however, and Ethan grew to be a very intelligent toddler.


Often plagued by nightmares, Ethan was prone to crawling into other people's beds in the dead of night. The most vivid memory he had of his brother was on one of these events, when he snuggled up against a sleeping teenage Mark and was strong-armed out of the bed. Realizing it was his baby brother and not their father crawling into his bed, Mark held him, apologizing and wiping his tears away, but Ethan learned better than to disturb Mark after dark. Ethan was aware of some elements of Mark's abuse at the hands of their father, but was barely five when his brother ran away from home. His brother and mother now gone, it was only his father and the servants in the house. Either those servants or some stroke of luck kept him safe for two years. His abuse began at the age of seven, with a sudden brutality that catalyzed his DID far more quickly than Mark's formed.

There had been a housekeeper who allowed Ethan to sleep in her bed when he was scared. After she was fired, Ethan sought out the only other full bed in the house: his father's. All he'd wanted was someone to chase the nightmares away...but all he did was awaken one.

This continued beyond his sixteenth birthday, with an unknown number of alters shielding a personality that was questionably the original from most stress and harm.

The PlanesEdit

At age sixteen, Ethan was tired of being a victim. Urged on by his Siamese-twin alter Damien, he built a bomb with the intention of strapping it to himself. After seeing his father's indifference in the face of his suicidal thoughts, he decided instead to blow up the private planes in his father's airstrip. Giles Davenport was injured in the blast, losing a leg and penis. A cacking teenager was pulled from his vantage point in a tree by authorities after the incident, though it was Damien, not Ethan, who was around for the booking process.

Correctional FacilityEdit

Ethan spent the next two years in a correctonal facility, treated as a child despite his age because of the likelyhood that his tales of abuse were true. He frequently lost time, and though Damien denied any part in it, the other inmates were terrified of him when he was conscious. He was released a few weeks after his eighteenth birthday.

After ReleaseEdit

Waiting outside of the correctional facility was a face from Ethan's past. Jonthan Drake, a friend of his father's who had molested both him and Mark. He had often showed signs of dellusionally believeing that Ethan was in love with him, taking the boy aside and "training" him in the carnal acts the others were far more straightforward about. He promised a boy with nowhere to go and nothing to his name a place to sleep and safety...but Ethan spit in his face and walked away into an unknown future.

As a CriminalEdit

A few days after release, Ethan was approached again, this time by a man named Rupert who had read about Ethan's case in the papers and was interested in employing him as a bomb expert. Despite realizing that the bombs were being used to break into safes and stores, Ethan agreed. No people were being harmed, to his knowledge, and he lacked any of the skills necessary to survive on his own. Informing Rupert early on about his DID was both a blessing and a curse. While he was assured that one of his alters surfacing wouldn't result in him losing his job, Ethan's employers used his triggers to manipulate him. Damien was incapable of building the things they needed, while Ethan was unwilling to go out with the team to set the bombs himself. When unable to present them with the alter that they needed, Ethan went as far as to knock his head against the wall hard enough to knock himself out, triggering Damien by virtue of injury.


While buying supplies one day when he was twenty-one, Ethan ran into a Chemistry Professor's daughter, Elizabeth. He was initially confused by her determination to know him, but soon came to enjoy her company. Having experienced little to no sexual interest in his life, it came as a surprise that he was attracted to Elizabeth. She returned his bashful interest, easing him slowly out of his shell.

She believed his shyness was a result of sexual inexperience, and was surprised when he admitted to not being a virgin. He didn't elaborate, and she didn't pry. 

The excuse Ethan had given early on in their friendship for needing all sorts of chemicals was that he was making fireworks. When she invited him to join her at her parent's house for the New Year he accepted, bringing along some fireworks. Cuddled together in a chair under a blanket, they watched the fireworks together, and Elizabeth kissed him.

Things went downhill from there. A naturally shy Ethan gave way to the more bold Damien, and even though he made sure Ethan got to the top of the stairs and into Elizabeth's bedroom, it wasn't enough. A misunderstanding led to Ethan fleeing before they consumated their relationship.

Back in Essex, Rupert paid Ethan a visit, warning him that Elizabeth was getting too close to their operation. Rather than put her in danger, and still stinging over their disagreement, Ethan rebuffed her attempts at an apology rudely, and never saw her in person again.

She married two years later.

Mark's ReturnEdit

Three years later, when Elizabeth had an infant son, Ethan was still working for Rupert. Thing were getting tense, and talk of disposing of their unpredictable bomb expert was in the works. It was during that time that Mark and his then-boyfriend Mason Verger came in search of Ethan. The reunion between brothers was somewhat tarnished when Mark learned that their father had indeed abused Ethan, and when Ethan used one last bomb to kill Rupert and the rest of his crew.

At Muskrat FarmEdit

Since coming to Muskrat Farm, Ethan has had some trouble adjusting. Without the menial everyday tasks like keeping his flat clean or buying his own groceries, he is often bored. His brother and brother-in-law dislike him building bombs, so his energy has often been channeled into circumventing Mason's security system.

He is rather fond of the Verger rabbits Milk and Oreo, and the horses Psycho and Pepper. He has admitted to being frightened of Ziggy.

For his friendship with Richard MacGee and involvement with the horses, see Ongoing Storyline.


These are the "discovered" personalities inhabiting Ethan Davenport's body.

Ethan MajorEdit

Ethan 1

Ethan Major

Ethan Major is, arguably, the original personality. (From here on out mentioned only as Ethan). He is in control of the body for a majority of the time, and can reference the earlier moments of their life. However, he doesn't claim these as his own, attributing them instead to Ethan Minor. Ethan Minor is a nonverbal, catatonic extension of the very first dissociation. After the first rape, Ethan was left mute and unresponsive. A slap across the face after a few days of this behavior brought about the first split, with Ethan finding the strength to stand and respond and Ethan Minor curling up in the back corner of their mind. Some, such as Damien, claim that makes Ethan a protector alter, but his psychiatrist and Mason disagree.

Ethan wears glasses that, notably, give Damien a headache. He is the "smart one", capable of building a bomb from household materials and fixing just about anything electrical. He is also slightly neurotic, and for a long time would not accept any physical signs of affection, even from Mark. He hates being treated like he's a child, and resents Mason for that reason. He is especially fond of the animals on Muskrat Farm, and is triggered by Damien or Ethan Minor relaxing enough to let him slip back into place, or very loud noises.

He is demisexual.


Ethan 100


Damien is Ethan Major's "Siamese Twin alter", capable of seeing or "knowing" what's going on most of the time Ethan Major is in control. Unlike Ethan Major, he is pansexual, and his "brother's" celibate lifestyle was a constant irritation to him during the last ten years. He acts as a outlet for sexual release for the body, originally having flings with both men and women when Ethan Major even found masturbating difficult. This side of him frightens and disgusts Ethan. 

Despite this, Damien has only been truly fond of one partner, while Ethan has had two. Damien feels a strong love for Mark's alter Dinah, arguing that Mark and Ethan are the siblings, not him and Dinah. Their efforts to be together have caused Mason a great deal of trouble, though Ethan was for a long time unaware.

Damien despises being "the dumb one". He slicks their hair back with gel and often wears provocative clothing, unlike Ethan's comfortable and covering clothes. He is more vocal and rude than Ethan, having served as a protector alter during the period of their physical abuse. Damien is triggered by unwanted sexual advances, threats of violence, or injury. 

Ethan MinorEdit

Ethan 6

Ethan Minor

Ethan Minor has been "out" very few times. When out, he reverts the body back to the same catatonic state, until recently. Once or twice he has observed the goings-on at Muskrat Farm without commenting or interacting. He has never spoken to Mark or Mason, and shows no discernable signs of altering the body's style from what was established with the previous alter.

Supposedly, he carried the body's darkest memories, and they have fermented into something truly terrible over the years.

He is triggered by severe physical distress such as hunger or a shock of nostalgia.

Unknown #1Edit

This first unknown alter is not yet identified by name. Even something as
Ethan 29
simple as gender would be an assumption at this point. Ethan is not aware that it exists, and neither does Damien. The other residents of Muskrat Farm are likewise ignorant.

The reason anyone can suppose that there is another alter is the existance of lost time that Ethan and Damien both share. Mason and Mark have not yet begun to speculate on this together, however, in solitary speculation Mason had at first suspected that Ethan Minor was becoming more active. This alter seems comfortable both with and without Ethan's glasses, as well as being fully capable of the speech that Ethan Minor lacks. 

It posseses a different voice, more high-pitched. Likely the reason no one suspects his or her presence is that this unknown alter seems triggered by situations that make Ethan uncomfortable, like the visit to the doctor when he was diagnosed with syphilis. 

Both Richard and Mason have unknowingly and briefly encountered this alter. It is unlikely that Mark ever has, as he is very good at recognizing the shifts between his brother's alters.

Unknown Alter #2Edit

This alter, if it even exists, is the deepest-buried of Ethan's
Ethan 30
personalities. The evidence to support his or her (though it seems likely, given the circumstances, that it is a him) existance is also a discrepency between Damien and Ethan. 

While in the correctinal facility, Ethan claims to have not been out very much for the first year. He assumes that it was Damien who protected him and made the other children terrified of him. But more than once, Damien has claimed to have not been around during that time. This certainly suggests that someone else was out and about, and the timid Ethan Minor and Unknown Alter #1 do not seem like likely candidates for this.



Elizabeth was the first person Ethan ever felt sexual attraction to. Their relationship was never consumated and he pushed her away for her own protection, but some part of him never got over the chemist's daughter, even after she married and had a child.


Not long after Ethan came to live at Muskrat Farm, Dinah and Damien began an affair. Ethan remained unaware, for a time, and Dinah has been surpressed as well, but a more permanent solution must be found. The only of Mark's alters who did not support marriage to Mason, Dinah carries with her the great potential to disrupt life at Muskrat Farm.


Blissfully unaware of Dinah and Damien's indiscretion, Ethan has been developing feelings for the Farm's horse trainer...

[See Macport]

Ongoing StorylineEdit

The biggest change in Ethan's life so far has been his loss of freedom coming to the Farm. While searching for new meaning in life, Ethan has become more involved with the stables, and the horse trainer. Uncomfortable about being attracted to his only friend, and a man for the first time, he has been doing plenty to disrupt any progress with Richard. Recently he mentioned Elizabeth, giving the impression that he's straight. But bored as he is, he wasn't be able to help himself for long...

Now dating after Richard kissed him on New Years Eve, Richard and Ethan are going through the rocky stage of their relationship where Ethan is both unwilling to tell his family that they're together and to try new things. Highly aware of that last fact, Ethan seems more likely to damage things by pushing himself too far than refusing Richard something.


  • Ethan's FC is well over six feet, but Ethan himself appears to be of average height in the SLs.
  • Damien is named after the demon child in The Omen.
  • After watching an episode of The United States of Tara, Mase began to consider revealing more alters.
  • Whenever Ethan hears the opening strains of Taylor Swift's Blank Space, he cringes, because the song was allegedly written about him in Twittibal's alternate universe.