Name: Dr. Hannibal Lecter
Age: Forty-something.






Mischa Lecter (sister)

Count Robert Lecter (uncle)

Lady Murasaki (aunt-by-marriage)

Adopted daughter: Abigail Hobbs

Adopted sons: Cameron Adamski, Nathan Sherman, James Beauregard, and Jacob Knoll


Very much alive. Married to Will Graham (@StalkedbyStags)


Mads Mikkelsen

This page is dedicated to the roleplay Twitter account @Hannibal_Risen. The account was started during the first season of Hannibal as canon. As one of the founding players, Riz has evolved over the months to become less canon and now has several canon and non-canon storylines, including at least one crossover.


Like the canon version, Dr. Hannibal Lecter is a cultured and sophisticated man with refined tastes in art, music and cuisine. He enjoys the company of people who he considers kindred spirits, but is not very tolerant of anyone he finds rude or ignorant. Those souls are often next seen as part of a main dish served at one of his legendary dinner parties.

Though most of Hannibal's emotion makes itself known in micro-expressions, he does have quite a good sense of humor, even if it is usually dark. His circle of close friends is small, but he's fiercely loyal to them.

A darker side of Hannibal is sometimes expressed through the supernatural creature known as Wendigo. Canon to the television show, Hannibal seems able to project himself into Will's head via the Wendigo. On Twitter, the beast is a more literal being, and Hannibal becomes the Wendigo under certain conditions and needs.


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--Hannibal had never owned a pet before allowing Will to move in with his dogs. They now have fifteen, because Hannibal seems unable to say no to puppy charms. Neither the dog's or Will's.

--The Elk statue in Hannibal's office holds a secret: a secret playroom located behind the bookshelves.


The start of it all. Young Hannibal and little Mischa.

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