Name: Cameron "Cam" Adamski
Age: 13






Adoptive fathers: Hannibal Lecter and Will Graham.

Adopted siblings: Nathan Sherman, Abigail Hobbs, James Beauregard, and Jacob Knoll.


Engaged to Nate


Jared Gilmore

Cameron is an original character not found in any canon Hannibal realm.


Early ChildhoodEdit

Much of what went on in Cameron's life between his birth and the age of six, when he was taken to the Children's Ward at the Baltimore State Hospital for the Criminally Insane, remains vague. Whether Cam actually doesn't remember much or just doesn't talk about it is likewise unclear. His therapy sessions with Hannibal Lecter have had a emphasis on current goings-on and issues to help all of the children adjust to their new home and have yet to delve into the past. What has come to light in sessions or everyday conversations are as follows:

  • Cameron had a younger sister, Allison.
  • Cameron's biological father was also named William, but went merely by Bill.
  • Bill Adamski frequently called Cam a bastard, and would voice doubts about both children's parentage, especially after drinking.
  • There was a tiny pond in the back yard where both children learned to swim.
  • Cameron was born and raised in Nebraska; far, far away from Baltimore and Maryland.

In the BSHCIEdit

Instead of attending a regular school, Cam was sent to live in the children's ward in the BSHCI. Most residents were short-term, with little provisions for long-term cases. What education he recieved was spotty. Having come from a household with very little emphasis placed on literature--or teaching children things that that the schools were meant to, anyway--Cam didn't know how to read.

James 1

Two years after Cam took up residence at the BSHCI, James Beauregard became his roommate. The boys were both long-term residents and became very close. Older by four years, James took on a protective role, but given his debilitating condition and natural immaturity, Cam's wiser-than-his-years attitude often reversed their roles within the walls. They roomed quite comfortably together for over two years. False records state that this arrangement ended after an incident when James exposed himself to the younger boy. This did happen, but in an innocent gesture to explain circumcision. (Cam and most of the boys he'd been living with were, James and another inmate who had stripped in a communal area and prompted the discussion were not.) James was actually transfered out of the double cell after his worsening episodes began to frighten Cam, and arrangements were being made for his transfer downstairs to the adult holding area.

Cam HEader



The only other long-term resident of the children's ward was Nathan Sherman. He was twelve when Cam was brought to the BSHCI, a victim of sex trafficking not unknown to Mason Verger thrown out of foster care for an incident involving the foster parents' younger biological son. Electroshock therapy and continued abuse at the hands of the head of the children's ward--Doctor Peters--left him morose and almost nonverbal, but when James was rotated out of Cam's cell, he was rotated in.

Nate opened up to Cam, as much from his roommate's earnest affection as his proclivity for small boys. He struggled valiently against those urges, all the while teaching Cam to read and speaking more than he had in over six years at the asylum. After a shock therapy session Cam fell asleep in Nate's cot holding him, and from there out they always slept together, almost innocently. The kissing started almost innocently, too. It was only when Doctor Hannibal Lecter started to make arrangements to gain custody of Nathan did the boys' relationship become clearly defined as both sexual and romantic, partially due to the manipulation of Doctor Peters. Peters showed Cam heavily edited videos of Nate describing his thoughts and feelings about his young roommate, making him sound like a sadist. Despite reconciling, Nate left the BSHCI with Cameron still a virgin, promising to get the younger boy released as well.

Cameron 6


Since ReleaseEdit

Within a few weeks, Nate came through on his promise, and both James and Cam joined him in the Lecter household. 

The LectersEdit

Cam was more or less a tagalong. Will had shown interest in adopting James, and Hannibal had located Nate as part of a deal to help former child molester Mason Verger patch up his past. Both of these boys had formed a strong bond with Cam and would not have rested until he joined them in their new home.

Cameron 2

Suddenly shy in a new environment, Cam retreated inward, spending most time except meals closed up in Nate's room. He refused to sleep in the seperate room he was provided, all but abandoning it to continue to sleep in the same bed with Nate as he had for years. A very important early step in his therapy was seperating him from Nathan long enough to ascertain that he was, in fact, willing to participate in any of the activities that the older boy had introduced him to. Despite being controversial, his new fathers' decision to allow him to develop a relationship with Nate allowed him to trust and bond with them as well.

Cam is almost as fond of his fathers as he is of Nate. For his thirteenth birthday, and also as a marker of his first year with them, he was given a beautiful Tenor saxophone. He is secrectly but excessivley proud of his passing resemblence to both fathers, which allows people to assume that he is one or the other's biological child when he's out and about with one of them.

Another notable gift that Cam recieved was a guniea pig for Christmas, and a suit he wasn't entirely sold on. 


Once free from Peters' meddling and any outside pressures, Nate and Cam slowed their relationship down somewhat. Both are shy about giving each other more than the briefest of kisses when outside of their rooms, despite the family's acceptance. (With the exception of James, who disaproves strongly). The conflict between his physical age and the emotions and trials he's experienced is often frustrating to Cam. In the wake of an outburst resulting from this, Nate assured him that there was nothing more he'd like than to marry Cam someday, even if he grew up taller, or refused to touch Nate again until he was legal. It was out of the ordinary, but Cam accepted heartily and considers them as engaged as any adult couple.

Even if Cam didn't decide to test his lover's resolve, the fact that their bond seemed to mean the same with or without his virginity meant a great deal to the boy.

Public SchoolEdit

See Ongoing Storyline


Cameron 1

At the BSHCIEdit

In this little world, Cam knew how things worked. He often acted bold, or caring, especially towards Nate. That level of tenderness hasn't changed. His inner strength was something he had to find when his association with Nate required him to go head to head with Peters in the last few days of his stay at the asylum. 

At HomeEdit

At home Cam has started to come out of his shell. He'd still rather spend the day cooped up with Nate, but he now will venture out to watch movies with Will or chat with Hannibal and James while they cook. He isn't afraid to act his age or a little below it, especially with Abigail, his adopted sister. She has become a mother figure for him and seems fond of the job, walking him home from school with Nate and baking him a cake for his birthday. She is also aware of the full extent of Cam's relationship with Nate and provides important support there. He is often nervous, voicing childish what-ifs almost as a coping mechanism. 


Something Cam fears a great deal is aging. He's worried that Nate won't 

Cam Birthday AVI
care for him when he's older, and to a lesser degree that he won't be able to cope in the adult world. James often worries that puberty will trigger potentially dangerous levels of worry for him.

At SchoolEdit

At school, Cam is quiet and reserved. He has only started to come out of his shell, especially around his new friend Grace Underwood in band class.

Ongoing StorylineEdit

Cameron 9

Cam's first day of school

As of September 2014, Cam (@MiniCannibal ) has been user Mase's active storyline [Two past examples being fellow BSHCI inmate James and Desert Oasis stripper Fox]. Once a week, on Mondays or Tuesdays, he posts a short solo that reveals a little more of the story. 

Cam's solos have been given both normal titles and musical composition references.

1. First Day of School aka Tuning

Detailing Cam's first day of school. Several important characters like the Underwoods and band teacher Mr. Abel are introduced, as well as the somewhat detattched state Cam enters in order to be able to cope with his anxiety.

2. Graffiti aka Warm Up

Centered mostly around grafitti that Cam observes while setting up for band class, this solo provides hints about Cam's past as well as exposes him for the first time to blatant homophobia. His friendship with Grace grows stronger.

3. The Set-Up aka Prelude
Cameron 13

Starting with a disjointed grouping of phrases asking about whether you remember meeting people who changed your life, this solo goes on to show Cam's intense love for his birthday gift--a tenor saxophone--and his slow adjustment to school and friendship. After overhearing two boys making plans, he manages to awkwardly invite Grace over to meet his family.

4. Everybody Talks aka First Movement

Cam discovers TV, specifically Sherlock, but tries to keep Nate involved by buying some of the original Arthur Conan Doyle stories for them to read together. Grace makes the blunder of mentioning his two fathers in front of her brother, who spreads the information around school with a cruel glee. The aftermath is discussed, not to their knowledge, in the presence of Tristan Rucker, who it is revealed will soon become Cameron's tormentor.

5. Cue Dramatic Music aka Unison Rest

"It was awful.

Entirely, and irreparably awful.

Cameron Adamski, age thirteen, who had never wished harm on anyone, ended the day following his home visit with Grace Underwood wanting to wring the life out of her.

It all started out just fine..."

NOTICE: The continuation of this week's installment will be RPed on the TL.

6. The Why aka Violin Stabs

The previous week's RP is tied up with an explanation of exactly why Cam wished harm upon Grace: she develops a crush on Nathan.

7. Breaking aka Second Movement

Cam finally gets what's troubling off his chest, to disasterous results. Bullying has turned his world into a mimickry of the BSHCI, and his thoughts are blurry.

8. The Penultimate Peril aka Third Movement 

Through a half-flashback, it is revealed that Cam isn't Bill Adamski's biological child, as well as the fact that the bullies have gotten worse. They follow Cam home a week before Winter Break.

9. A Tiger Hunt aka Crescendo

On the last day of school before break, Cameron crosses pathes with Tristan Rucker and his friends at a bad moment and ends up the target of several Airisoft guns and a pellet gun. 

10. Innocence Lost aka Finale

It all comes to an end.

Past ArcsEdit

  1. The Baltimore State Boys - Cam was a supporting character in James Beauregard's BSHCI arc, mentioned more in passing than interaction. He represented both the only friend James had, and someone who betrayed him. As the story progressed it became clear James' condition was frightening the child with good reason, and he became a sympathetic character with more focus.
  2. Shamski - Since release, his relationship with Nathan Sherman has been implied more than explicitly stated due to taboo material. It is clear, however, that for better or worse, Dr. Lecter and Will Lecter have a compromized set of morals not just related to eating people. The Murder Bunch is governed by their own decisions on what can and cannot be done.


Pony Cam


Cameron 4
  • Cam has been drawn in the Pony verse. 
  • Cameron's name was chosen as a joke, in connection with the other boy from the asylum, James.
  • When the account was first made, it had no backstory. Mase made it up as he went along. A particularly bad case of writers block is the reason it took almost a RL year to write it out.
  • The twitter account for Cam has never been flipped. Its @ has changed, however. He used to be @WatchTheHall, a reference to something Nate whispers to him in a solo about their relationship, which was later toned down to be more consensual. 
  • Initially, like James, Cam was never supposed to leave the asylum. He was a prop to give Nathan character development.
  • Mase picked Cam's FC because of his fondness for the show where he first saw the child actor, Once Upon a Time.
  • In his most recent solos, Cam plays the tenor saxophone because his AE's first crush played that instrument.
  • Cam won't tolerate being treated like a baby by anyone but Nate, who he allows to call him "Cammie".
  • Cam was Mase's fifth account.
  • The first solo that mentioned Cam and his fellow inmate, James, was actually posted on@M_Verger despite his relative lack of relation to their storyline at the time.
Cam Crown

Floral Finale, anyone?